Fairy Spells

Before you start messing around with fairy spells, you really should do some research on fairies. Real fairies aren’t like what you see in the movies, and they aren’t just waiting around to sprinkle you…


🌲beauty in the skies💙

Magickal skies and beautiful clouds💙💙💙 Nature is awesome💗 Magickal blessings🌟

twinkling forrest magickal greetings

come play in the twinkling forrest of magickal wonders…. enchanted wishes 


twinkling meet🌟 faeries day is june 24th….i celebrate it every year…i honor thy faeries,fae,fairy and fairy folk…..leave offerings for them and wee bit of milk in a offering bowl just for them….leave them shiney things…


💜friday faery wishes💜

merry faery wishes today🌈  may your day be whimsical and magickal with faery dust wishes of love and light 💖💜💚 

💜faery -tastic blessings🌟

make your wish to the universe!!

**make your wish to the universe*       * ask your faerie and fairy folk to help you in thy wish you desire…..and say thank you after to them……faery dust wishes!!