Step-by-Step Crystal Elixir Instructions


Step-by-Step Crystal Elixir Instructions

1. Use 1-3 cleansed and re-tuned stones. Be sure they are water soluble, and check to be sure to double check for toxicity.

2. Create a sacred space to work in.

3. Place your selected stone(s) in a class container, then fill the container with distilled, purified or natural spring water.

4. Cover w/ thin layer of cheese cloth or plastic wrap and rubber band

5. Charge and re-program your elixir. There are a couple of great ways to so this:

A. Direct sunlight (preferably outdoors) for 2-4 hours before noon (more potent), according to Dr. Richard Gerber this is when solar pranic energies are most potent

B. Charging in the moonlight, especially a full moon is an excellent way to charge your elixir. Simply leave it outside overnight, or in a window.

6. Surrounding the glass container with 4-8 clear crystal points is a great way to further amplify your elixir.

7. Filter the elixir through a coffee filter as you pour it into its final glass container. Be sure this is a container that can be sealed well.

8. Lasts only 1 week kept in cool dark place in dark glass bottle

9. Add brandy or vodka (at least 80 proof), 1:1 ratio to store up to 4 months

Note: Dr Emoto’s methods of programing water are extremely beneficial to use when creating crystal elixirs.