Dear Friends, we are a few days away from the Solar Eclipse, and those of us who are energy sensitive have already started feeling the energy shift. These feelings and symptoms are part of your energy fields and body adjustment and fine tuning to the new vibrations. Please take it easy as we get closer to Sunday, and remember that these changes, although uncomfortable at times, are meant to redirect you into a direction which is better aligned with your Soul’s journey. Feel free to share in the comments your experience and the ways you are coping with the changes. Stay tuned for more updates. Have a wonderful day! Much love. ❀

Dear Friends, the Solar Eclipse on Sunday February 26 is quickly approaching. This eclipse, in conjunction with the new moon, will create an amazing powerful celestial event. This is a time of major insights, transformations and new beginnings at the individual and planetary levels. There will be an increase in energy frequencies all around the world starting this week until the next solar eclipse in August later in the year. An amazing time of positive and personal advancement is coming, so please allow yourself to flow with the changes, as they are meant to push you forward into alignment with your true purpose. I’ll be posting more information during the week, stay tuned Friends! Much love. ❀

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