Innocence earth fae element candle (3 oz soy wax candle)


Innocence earth Fae element candle(3 oz soy wax candle) Forrest green colored candle for healing, Faeries, money etc. glass jar with innocence fragrance oil . Herbs of lemon thyme and calendula petals herbs, crystal quartz chips on top of the candle, with green glistening faery gliiter. Sprinkle of faery offering blend on top too……INNOCENCE OIL: AN ABSOLUTE UNIQUE FRAGRANCE …A WONDERFUL AROMATIC..BLEND STARTING WITH TOP NOTES OF: POWDERY PEONY PETALS, ROMANTIC ALYSSUM,JASMINE, AND FRESH STRAWBERRIES,BOTTOM NOTES OF LILLY OF THE VALLEY EGYPTIAN MUSK,VANILLA BEANS…….CALENDULA PETALS:( MARIGOLDS) PROTECTION SPELLS , GOOD SLEEP, PSYCHIC POWERS,PROPHETIC DREAMS….GENDER; MASCULINE AND PLANET ; SUN…..CALENDULA PETALS DRAW IN THY LITTLE WONDERFUL FAERY FAE PEOPLE OF THE FLOWERS……1 CANDLE IS $ $5.00 +4.95 SHIPPING….ONLY 1 IN STOCK…..**FREE LIL BAG OF FAERY DUST WITH PURCHASE………

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