All Hallow’s eve witches amulet/talisman(spell bottle magick) -Season of the witches – pagan -wiccan- intuiton–protection


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seasonal witches herbal spell bottle has been enchantingly crafted to attract the essence of the october season…. it is a very protective amulet and has been saged and cleansed before it was crafted…

the one of a kind herbal spell bottle necklace can be worn or hung where ever you wish!!!
but please be careful made of glass….

was crafted with red satin ribbon … can adjust it to be a choker necklace if you like…

also added to this halloween beauty is a wooden skull bead for added protection and witchyness….

herbal ingredients: base : sea salt: cleansing & purification and protection

anise star: good luck, psychic visions, heightens intuition, use this amulet with will and your intentions with harm none!! you may use this amulet when you do your divinations or oracle and tarot readings to help sharpen your skills…

calendula(marigold): masculine flora , its associated with the sun & element of fire and air, used for protection, psychic powers

clove: repelling negative influences

chili peppers: protection, purifying , hex-breaking, love

juniper berry: (1) crushed up: attracts good spirits, protection against negativity…
hang it above your door ways or windows for added protection…

also has an added blend for october essence …..and witchy love!!!

sage: protection, cleansing, blessings

gemstone crystals chips of: onyx and carnelian

onyx: helps release negative emotions, effectively wards off the evil eye, prosperity, general happiness…

carnelian: emotional warmth, creativity, courage, harmony, appreciation for nature, excellent grounding and anchoring stone, ability to cleanse other stones, rebirth and reincarnation, happiness….

bottle has been sealed and white wax on top to seal the spell magick…

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Information on stones, crystals and other metaphysical items have been gathered from books and researched …
No content on this listing is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or spirtually nor magically resolve any life issues. I am not responsible for the misuse or mishandling of any of my products.ย 
I do recommend keeping all items away from children and pets…. so they do not get into the contains of your amulet….

FREE GIFTS : a black wax cording necklace measures about : 16 inches with extender chain..
a spider webbed bag to hold all your magickal goodness in…