please sign the petition to help bella

July 15th, 2015 a terrible act of Animal Cruelty occurred in Lexington Kentucky. A Dog was drug to her death, while in the care of Vincent OBryan and Jesse Durham. Her name was Bella. On July 21st an Officer testified in Court that “The collar was gone from the dog, somebody had actually taken the effort to take the collar off the dog,” the officer said in court. “We later found that collar along with the chain right next to the corner of the house on the passenger side of the vehicle. Where Mr. Durham was sitting as a passenger of that vehicle.” There were several 911 calls that night to alert Police of the incident and that is how they knew who had done this horrific crime of animal torture. Bella was such a sweet dog and her story needs to be told. She was a PitBull Mix. Her owner died in May and she ended up in the care of Vincent OBryan. Vincent also had 8 dogs in his possession that were seized and he was charged with 8 counts of Animal Cruelty. He has openly admitted that he was sober the night he tied her to the car bumper and drug her down the road on a Facebook Post that he deleted quickly, but not before I got a screenshot of him saying he was completely SOBER. The passenger of the car was Jesse Durham. At one point, HE stopped the car, got out and untied her from the bumper and LEFT her to lay and die alone. She died on Wanda Way in Northern Lexington, Ky laying in the middle of the road, with her body mangled and disfigured, and in unimaginable pain. So, OBryan KNEW what he done and left her to lay there and die alone. He got back in his car to continue his beer run. NO animal should have to suffer period. But, the death Bella suffered was plain and simple TORTURE. It was MURDER! The two men involved have pleaded not guilty and are facing a Grand Jury Trial. Before that trial, we want to show all the support of Bella that we can. This is one of the worst cases of animal torture in Kentucky and we want Bella to be remembered as the Dog who sets the standard as to what happens to criminals that torture animals get served. So many of us never got the chance to know and love Bella, but her story has touched the hearts of so many people around the world. She may be gone, but she will NEVER be forgotten. To many, She may just have been an “Animal” but they have hearts, they feel pain, they know how to love and they can be your best friend. Please don’t let these men go unpunished. Please keep them off the streets. The maximum time they can serve is 5 years. Kentucky Laws need to be stricter when it comes to animals. And we want Bella’s story to help change those laws. So PLEASE. Imagine is she was your dog, Please do what you can. It’s time to Step Up Kentucky For Animals!!! Don’t Let Bella’s MURDER go unpunished. Please, Give Us Justice For Bella. She Deserves Justice as much as any human should. Please stand up for Animals Kentucky Lawmakers. Lets make laws stricter with stiffer penalties, and call it Bella’s Law to Honor Bella. Don’t let her death be in Vain. There has also been a FB Page to Honor Bella and to Help Get Justice For We, the supporters of Justice for Bella are asking you to please punish these men to the fullest extent of the Law. Thank You, Supporters of Justice for Bella