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The good stuff: how to align with lunar cycles
New Moon >>>
This is a time of setting intentions. The time is ripe for evaluating your life and thinking about what you want to build or how you want to grow.
Maybe you want to welcome more fun, travel, or adventure in your life. Maybe you want to make room for self-care.
Or maybe your goals relate to work or professional success. Perhaps you want to write a book, or expand or start a business.
The new moon’s energy is a wonderful time for visualizing, setting intentions, and gathering energy for the coming work at hand. This dark passive time isn’t good for action, but more planning, dreaming and visualizing.
Be careful what you set an intention for! The universe will often give you trials designed to help you embrace whatever quality you desire.
One new moon ritual, I set the intention for self-love and ended up getting really sick that month. Looking back, the universe was trying to teach me how to take better care of myself. Sometimes our lessons are painful, but unfortunately, we humans tend to learn best that way.
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