Guided meditation with music; Faery meditation, Amanda Earthwren, Avalon, Glastonbury


A faery guided meditation with music by Amanda Earthwren + 1 hour of meditation music, Faery lore in Glastonbury and avalon
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This Faery meditation in Avalon with new age music, is inspired by my experience of living in and being enchanted by The Isle of Avalon. It is based on my personal and deeply Shamanic connection with the magic of the Faery realms. Much myth and mystery surrounds the ‘veil of apples’ where the Otherworld and ancient spirit is still very much present.

I have encountered the Faery spirit in places and portals around Avalon and have recounted these experiences in this meditation. I have photographed Glastonbury Tor from many angles and in many lights, this is a wonder and light temple of the earth.I have drawn some simple images of faeries.

The lanes and hedgerow around the base of the Tor is a place of the faeries where they still thrive and live and the veil is thin. The ancient memory and Faery realm is alive and well and longs to connect us back to nature and our true spirit of joy and childhood.

Come on a journey to find the true spirit and nature of the faeries of Avalon…

Paul Landry has created the most beautiful and ethereal Faery soundscape to accompany and to compliment the words spoken in this meditation. Heartfelt thanks to Paul, for making this video possible and for bringing my images and words and his music together in a truly magical collaboration, the first of many…May you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it…
Guided meditation with music; Faery meditation; Amanda Earthwren,avalon, glastonbury
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  • i love this meditation had to share it….. beauty ….

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