Fairy Spells

Before you start messing around with fairy spells, you really should do some research on fairies. Real fairies aren’t like what you see in the movies, and they aren’t just waiting around to sprinkle you with pixie dust and grant wishes.

Overall, fairy spells are usually the most successful around Beltane or Midsummer but that doesn’t mean you can only do this kind of magic twice a year. Any other time is OK too.


Fairy Bells Blessingfairy spells for witchcraft magick

This spell should be done at night, with the intention of asking the fairies for some magickal good luck. Your supplies are:

• A small silver bell
• A white candle
• Rose oil

Anoint the candle with rose oil, and announce that you are going to ask the fairies for their blessings. Ring the bell three times and say                                              When the bell rings, my spirit sings
I call to the helpful fairies of light
To bless me with their magick tonight

Ring the bell for another 3 times, and say the words again. Repeat one more time and then go to bed. Leave the candle burning some where safe. In the morning, ring the bell one single time and thank the fairies.

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